Two people crossed the desert together, and the water ran out. One of them suffered from heatstroke and couldn't move.

The remaining healthy and hungry man said to his companion, "All right, you wait here, and I'll look for water." He put the pistol in his companion's hand and said, "There are five bullets in the gun. Remember, fire a gun into the air every hour after three hours. Gunshots guide me, and I will find the right direction and meet you. "

Two people broke up, one was full of confidence to look for drinking water, and the other was suspicious and lying in the desert waiting. He looked at his watch and fired his gun on time. It was hard for him to believe that anyone but himself heard the gun. His fear deepened. He thought that his companion had failed to find water and died of thirst in the middle. Soon, he believed that his companion had found water, abandoned him and never came back.

When the fifth shot should be fired, the man thought bitterly, "This is the last bullet and my last hope. Hope must be lost, because that partner can't hear my gun for a long time. When this bullet is used up, what can I rely on? I'm just waiting to die! Besides, while this breath is still alive, vultures will peck my eyes blind. How painful it is! It is better to … "He pointed his gun at his temple and then pulled the trigger.

Soon, however, the companion, who was carrying a pot full of clear water, followed the sound with a group of business travelers riding camels. What they found was a dead body. The companion poured clear water on the corpse as wine and repeatedly asked, "Why don't you persevere to the end? Why don't you persevere to the end?







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